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Jeff Parham

 IT/Tech Consultant

About Jeff Parham


With over two decades of experience in the IT/Tech field, Chicago native Jeff Parham has built a successful reputation as a results driven technology leader with a passion and proven track record for directing cross-functional project teams.

Throughout his career, Jeff has served as a successful tech consultant and IT professional with a focus on implementing enabling technologies that help foster business processes and strategic objectives. Throughout his time in tech, Jeff has sought to edify those around him through his work. “Whatever you do, do it well – it’s not just a job but a calling and a chance to make a difference.” In addition to his hands on, technical work, Jeff has demonstrated a proven ability to manage people in a highly-efficient manner. With experience ranging from nonprofit to multi-billion dollar big-box tech companies, Jeff has seamlessly managed to integrate his personal sense of excellence into everything he does and instill it into the people around him.

Jeff Parham has served as a Consultant, CIO, CTO, and VP throughout his decorated career in tech, and he is beyond thankful for his time in a cutting-edge industry that keeps him on his toes at every turn. But for Jeff, a leader can’t simply be about demonstrating one’s technical skills – not at the expense of the softer skills of human relations. For Jeff, and excellent sense of communication and an ability to put people at ease, rallied together around a common goal has been on of the things that has caused him to standout in an industry that can be more authoritarian than affirming and encouraging. To many around him, one of Jeff’s best skills is his ability to achieve company goals while still treating each and every person around him as someone to be valued and trained to become the best they can be.

On the home frontier, Jeff Parham is a dedicated family man. First and foremost, he recognizes this as the foundation for everything he does and knows that this is the first and most important legacy he must focus on building. Jeff knows that a successful career at the expense of one’s family is like trading your soul to gain the world. In his spare time at home, he loves cooking and grilling, and he even writes about that on his other blog.

For more on Jeff, be sure to follow him online and stay up to date with his insights and updates!

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